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General Information

Main Contact

36 Gordon Collins Drive
P.O. Box 130
Gormley, Ontario
L0H 1G0

Toll Free: 1-800-387-4397
Dispatch: (905) 927-2727
First Floor Accounting/Shop — (905) 927-2711
Second Floor Sales/Dispatch/Billing — (905) 927-2701
Permits — (905) 927-2721
Toronto Line:  (416) 798-7737
Gormley Line: (905) 887-3680


Anderson, Don
Ext. 2706, donanderson@andersonhaulage.com
Anderson, Michael
Ext. 2707, michael@andersonhaulage.com
Dixon, Clayton
Ext. 2709, claytondixon@andersonhaulage.com
Jarrett, Andy
Ext. 2710, andyjarrett@andersonhaulage.com


Cornelisse, Bill
Ext. 2702, billcornelisse@andersonhaulage.com
Lopez, George
Ext. 2705, georgelopez@andersonhaulage.com
Murua, Emily
Ext. 2704, emilymurua@andersonhaulage.com

Sales Engineering

Mills, Andrew
Ext. 2731, andrewmills@andersonhaulage.com
Pettifer, Aaron
Ext. 2756, aaronpettifer@andersonhaulage.com

Project Management

Tomkins, Wally
Ext. 2722, wallytomkins@andersonhaulage.com


Banville, Jeff
Ext. 2724, jeffbanville@andersonhaulage.com
Harris, Mark
Ext. 2732, markharris@andersonhaulage.com
Vigneault, Dan
Ext. 2730, danvigneault@andersonhaulage.com


Darch, Chris
Ext. 2726, chrisdarch@andersonhaulage.com
Ottey, Tina
Ext. 2725, tinaottey@andersonhaulage.com
Richards, Dave
Ext. 2723, daverichards@andersonhaulage.com

Safety and Training

Hurley, Dave
Ext. 2728, davehurley@andersonhaulage.com
Jenkinson, Sandi
Ext. 2729, sandijenkinson@andersonhaulage.com


Mota, John
Ext. 2720, johnmota@andersonhaulage.com
Warton, Diana
Ext. 2742, dianawarton@andersonhaulage.com


Arsenault, Natalie
Ext. 2000, nataliearsenault@andersonhaulage.com
Bakay, Tracy
Ext. 2718, tracybakay@andersonhaulage.com
Boake, Lorraine
Ext. 2716, lorraineboake@andersonhaulage.com
Breen, Kendra
Ext. 2717, kendrabreen@andersonhaulage.com
Caputo, Angie
Ext. 2714, angiecaputo@andersonhaulage.com
Creelman, Beth
Ext. 2715, bethcreelman@andersonhaulage.com
Diamond, Brenda
Ext. 2712, brendadiamond@andersonhaulage.com


Leonard, Sue
Ext. 2713, sueleonard@andersonhaulage.com

Anderson Haulage - Profile
"At Anderson, we have the right equipment to suit your varied over dimensional and overweight cargo. In addition, our well maintained company owned fleet and seasoned drivers ensure the timely delivery of your shipment within Ontario and across North America."
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